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easyjob Overview

Always know what is going on: with easyjob everything is under control.

A complete software solution - with proven functions for operational business and planning.

Guarantee that perhaps decisive competitive advantage by using easyjob. With easyjob, you have a solution that keeps you always in control, helping you work more effectively and cost-efficiently.

easyjob provides you with these functions:

Projects calendar view

The monthly overview presents all of your projects in a calendar form. You can select the time frame you prefer. With additional filters you can search according to "Status", "Priority" and "Type". The statuses are color-coded: "Requested", "Proposed", "Confirmed" or "Canceled". With the context menu you can quickly access additional functions.

Quick access

Information in the navigator is structured according to various topics. Quickly access important operational procedures: detailed information can be displayed either in a list view or in a calendar view. All users can individually customize their areas and filters. The processes are accessed via the context menu.

Information at a glance

"easyjob Today" you can see all current events at a glance. All users are able to create the information area they need.

Project Management

Projects are marked with the status "Proposed", "Confirmed" or "Canceled". Information about customers, time frames, service, and delivery addresses is recorded in the project. For a better overview, every project can be divided into various jobs. A job integrates the items, staff, vehicle, costs, and tasks.

Item Scheduling

Items are grouped in the Bill of Items. When booking, the corresponding availability is automatically displayed. The quantity used in confirmed, proposed and subhired jobs is displayed in real-time. Schedulers always have all the information they need at a glance in order to make well-founded decisions about alternatives or sub-hires. You can select extended availability views via the context menus. Parts Lists, Associated Items, and Item Packages are used to make item planning easier. Information about the rental price, volumes, weight and power consumption of the booked items is available. By logging the booking procedures, you can keep track of which user scheduled which item. With the »Scheduling Board« easyjob® makes it possible to solve conflicts across all jobs if there are overbookings. Compatible items are grouped together and displayed with their respective availability. Overbooked items will be quickly replaced via the context menu with alternatives. The sub-hire optimizer is available for quickly creating sub-hires.

Staff and Vehicles

Staff and vehicles are grouped as "Resources" in easyjob. You can book as many resources as you like for a job. Resource planning is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the quantity, duration and rate of the necessary resources are assigned. In the second phase, the respective person or vehicle is assigned to every planned resource. It will immediately be taken into account if the resource is already scheduled in another project. You can customize various printouts of scheduled staff and transportation for further use.

Project cost calculation

Every project should be completed as profitably as possible. Many factors contribute towards the profitability of a project: sub-hires, technicians, transportation and many other costs have an impact on the result. The cost calculations in easyjob include all these factors and displays all expenses and income side by side and calculates profit.

Repairs and maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are summarized in workshop activities. Important parameters such as duration, work steps, test results and costs are recorded The duration of the workshop activity is taken into consideration during an availability check. Any incurred costs can be charged directly to the customer. The operating costs and downtime of a device can be tracked at any time. Maintenance schedules can be specified for every item based on days used, operating hours or calendar days. When loading and unloading items, the barcode scanner immediately provides a warning: if a maintenance interval has been exceeded, the time period for repeat tests will be determined. Planned and due maintenance can be displayed by simply pressing a button. In addition, the barcode scanner warns when devices are leaving if maintenance is overdue.

Operational evaluation

The "easyjob Business Information Center" displays important key performance indicators for the individual areas of the business. Every statistic is created dynamically and can be parameterized. This information can be transmitted to Microsoft Excel for further processing.

Easily customizable print-outs

Print-outs can be customized with the company's Corporate Design using the Report Designer integrated in easyjob. Different report types are available for various tasks such as proposals, invoices or price lists. You can create as many print templates as you want for various purposes. This makes it possible to create a proposal for dry hire customers with unit prices and to create a proposal with only the total price for agencies. Every report can be saved electronically in easyjob in PDF, HTML or JPG format and then forwarded via email.