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easytool Scanner

The easytool Scanner communicates with the easyjob database in real-time. Easily check availability, identify material that requires repair, use the scanner to check jobs in and out, and much more. The easytool Scanner based on Motorola hardware and the Windows Mobile operating system. The easyjob database is connected via a wireless LAN infrastructure.

Scheduling is easy with easyjob and the right barcode scanner.

The bi-directional capability enables you to work freely without contact with the base station. The LCD display and the feature keys make it possible to perform the entire easyjob loading/unloading process as well.

  • The barcode environment is seamlessly integrated into the current easyjob environment.
  • The bi-directional communication between the software and the scanner enables you to work without being within sight of the monitor.
  • Load lists are displayed on the scanner.
  • Every available rental item can be determined via barcode.
  • easyjob automatically creates carnet lists with all device serial numbers.
  • While scanning, any discrepancies with the bill of items will appear in the display.
  • An availability check will directly appear in the Scanner display.
  • The hardware's durability and dependable performance enables worry-free warehouse implementation.


Our devices are supplied with an easyjob Mobile Scanner license.

Function range of the easyjob Mobile Scanner Edition at a glance:

  • List views.
  • Load Job, unload Job and unload Project.
  • Availability check.
  • Track a device.
  • Equipping transport containers.
  • Device assignment with linked associated items.
  • Creating workshop activities.
  • Display of sub-hire assignments.
  • Access management.
  • Process logging.
  • Conflict management.
  • Finger and pen touch operation.
  • Barcode printing.
  • Inventory.
  • Assignment of the manufacturer serial number.
  • Central management from easyjob.

Download the easyjob Scanner App

Further documentation

The easyjob Scanner App at a glance