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Subscription FAQ

Please note that the answers may differ based on individual agreements.

What is a subscription?

Instead of a one-time classic license purchase, you can subscribe to our software solution. During the period of your subscription, you will receive new exclusive program functions as well as new major versions. After the end of your subscription you can continue to use the software version that is current at the end of the subscription period without restrictions.

What are the advantages of a subscription?

  • One-time, low cost initial payment.
  • Subscription fee only once every 3 months.
  • During the subscription period, you will receive new, exclusive functions as well as main versions.
  • It includes Silver Support. Gold or Platinum support is also available.
  • It can be directly depreciated.

Is support included in the subscription?

Yes. A Silver support plan is included standard in the subscription. You can also expand the subscription to include a Gold or Platinum support plan. You can find more information about our support plans on our support page.

Can additional modules be added during the subscription period?

You can expand your subscription at any time. We would be happy to prepare a customized proposal for you. The period of the subscription is extended by adding additional modules.

Can subscriptions also include hardware, training or customizations?

We can only provide software and support through a subscription. Services such as training or customizations and hardware cannot be included. We would be happy to prepare a proposal for our leasing partners.

When are the payments due?

The initial fee as well as the first three months are due immediately when requesting the subscription. The following monthly rates are charged every three months in advance.

What happens if I end the subscription after the minimum subscription period?

The subscription must be canceled before the end of the minimum subscription period. You can continue to use the licensed version at the end of the subscription. After a pause of 12 months, the minimum subscription period for a subsequent subscription will be extended to 24 months.

When must an initial fee be paid?

An initial fee must be paid when starting a subscription under the following conditions:
  • New license/module.
  • Upgrade when jumping two major versions.
  • 18 months pause since the last subscription end date.

Is there a subscription contract?

The subscription period and costs can be found in the proposal. The conditions are regulated in the easyjob terms of a license. The contract becomes effective with your order. Our terms of conditions also apply.

How long is the minimum subscription period?

The minimum subscription period in the case of upgrades and contract extensions is 12 months; for new licenses and after a pause of 12 months since the last subscription end date, the minimum subscription period is 24 months.